Our complete range of residential, deluxe & estate, commercial, professional, and HIGH-OUTPUT spreaders

Residential Spreaders

Residential broadcast and drop spreaders are specifically designed to bring commercial quality into the hands of homeowners with small to medium sized lawns.
2030 Homeowner Broadcast Spreader
The 2030 broadcast spreader offers the homeowner a large capacity spreader with features...
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1950 Homeowner Broadcast Spreader
1950 broadcast spreader is a real performer for the small area homeowner. Fully assembled,...
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Deluxe & Estate Spreaders

EV-N-SPREDĀ® Deluxe and Estate broadcast and drop spreaders prove versatile to handle medium and large sized lawns, rough and hilly terrain, and are also ideal for four-season use. These spreaders can be partnered with plastic or pneumatic wheels which are great for winter ice melt applications.
2030PPlus Estate Grade Broadcast Spreader
This 2030PPlus Broadcast Estate spreader with a large capacity for larger lawns....
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2050T Deluxe Tow Broadcast Spreader
Designed with today’s garden tractor owner in mind, the 2050T is the most economical...
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2050TP Estate Tow Broadcast Spreader
Designed with today’s garden tractor owner in mind, the 2050TP is the weapon...
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2600APlus Medium-Duty Estate Broadcast Spreader
The 2600APlus is the closest you can get to a commercial spreader without the cost!...
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7300SU Deluxe Drop Spreader
If you have a smaller yard, drop spreaders are the best choice for maintaining these...
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2050P Estate Residential Broadcast Spreader
Do you have a medium or large lawn with bumps and hills? Then the 2050P Estate Broadcast...
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2050SU Deluxe Residential Broadcast Spreader
The 2050SU Deluxe Broadcast spreader is perfectly sized for use on medium to large...
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7312 Deluxe Estate Drop Spreader
If you have a smaller yard, drop spreaders are the best choice for maintaining these...
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Commercial Spreaders

The EV-N-SPREDĀ® Commercial Broadcast spreader series is designed for professionals and homeowners needing a high performing spreader. Push and towable designs are available featuring commercial grade chassis, high capacity hoppers and high-speed gearboxes.
2150 Commercial Broadcast Spreader
Looking for a compact Commercial spreader? If you are then 2150 is the answer. The...
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2170 Commercial Broadcast Spreader
Developed for Commercial applicators, 2170 broadcast spreader delivers superior performance...
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CD36S-EW Commercial 36" Drop Spreader
The NEW CD36S is the newest spreader in the EarthWay line. The CD36S is a 100lb....
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HIGH-OUTPUT spreaders are used for large particle size or high volume applications. Ideal for winter use and great for rock salt, grit, dry sand, seed mulch and pelletized products that require high volume applications. Please note: These models are not to be used with chemical fertilizer or other chemical material applications.
2040PiPlus Semi-PRO HIGH-OUTPUT Broadcast Spreader
Buy Directly from Earthway. 2040piplus semipro-high-output-broadcast-spreader Add...
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2130SS Commerical HIGH-OUTPUT Broadcast Spreader
Where high output and large particle size is required, the 2130SS is the ultimate...
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Mounted/12-Volt Spreaders

The 12-Volt powered line of broadcast spreaders brings the ultimate speed and efficiency when paired with a utility vehicle. These spreaders are designed to mount to a horizontal flat surface within easy reach of the vehicle operator.
M20 12-Volt ATV Mount Broadcast Spreader
The EarthWay M20 ATV Mount Broadcast Spreader is a great additional tool for your...
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M21S Professional 12-Volt Broadcast Spreader
Just like the M21P, the M21S is a 12-volt spreader that you can mount on a number...
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M80ECM 12-Volt Professional Broadcast Spreader
The M80ECM is the Ultimate 12-Volt Broadcast Spreader available today. The 250lb/112kg...
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Hand Spreaders

The hand operated broadcast spreaders are great for small spot spreading and for places where a push spread cannot go.
3100 Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader
The 3100 Professional Hand Crank spreader is your ideal broadcast spreader when you...
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3400 Medium Capacity Hand Spreader
Do you small areas or need occasional spot spreading, look for an EarthWay Hand Operated...
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2750 Nylon Bag Seeder/Spreader
Add to Cart The 2750 is the weapon of choice when your terrain is hilly or wet....
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