1001-B Precision Garden Seeder


1001-B Precision Garden Seeder

An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Here’s how it works: install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed, then adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, and then set your 30” long row marker for the desired width, then fill the seed hopper with seeds, then begin pushing in your well tilled soil, that’s it. The results will speak for themselves when days later you look at your garden and see all the row crops come out of the ground at the same time; perfect, making you the envy of all gardeners who don’t have the 1001-B.

Standard Seed plates included with the 1001-B are:18100 Sweet Corn, 18101 Radish, Leeks, Spinach,18102 Carrots, Lettuce, Turnips,18103Beans, Small Peas,18104 Jumbo Peas,18105 Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard. 

Optional Seed Plate Kit part #60010,includes 18108 Light Carrot,18109Broccoli,18110Cucumbers,18112Popcorn,18124Lima beans. 

Also available is a Blank Seed Plate18106  that allows you to make a custom plate for a particular seed or seed spacing requirement.
Accessories available: Seed Plate storage case1100A, and our NEW 1600 Side-dress Fertilizer attachment.

1001-B plants at precise depth, a precise spacing, and covers and packs all in one operation. Eliminating the problems of seed rot and skipped plants.

Part Identifier

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1810001001-BSWEET CORN SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810101001-BRADISH SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810201001-BCARROT SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810301001-BBEAN SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810401001-BPEA SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810501001-BBEET SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
3800001001-BHARDWARE PKG. (1001-B)$4.26Add to Cart
6000901001-BSTANDARD SEED PLATE SET$32.90Add to Cart
1810601001-BBLANK SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810801001-BLIGHT CARROT SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1810901001-BBROCCOLI SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1812401001-BLIMA BEAN SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1811001001-BCUCUMBER SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
1811201001-BPOPCORN SEED PLATE$8.28Add to Cart
6001001001-BOPTIONAL SEED PLATE SET$31.76Add to Cart
1100-A01001-BSEED PLATE STORAGE CASE$27.50Add to Cart
2260611001-BROW MARKER SHAFT (1001-B)$15.50Add to Cart
4122821001-BROW MARKER (1001-B)$7.75Add to Cart
6002731001-BWING NUT ASSEMBLY BLACK$0.57Add to Cart
3710041001-B"1/4-20 X 1"" CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC"$0.40Add to Cart
6001251001-BROW MARKER ASSEMBLY$11.11Add to Cart
3310061001-BHAIR PIN CLIP ZINC (#213)$0.40Add to Cart
1213371001-BCLEVIS PIN (1001-B)$2.89Add to Cart
6001181001-BHANDLE ASSEMBLY (1001-B)$28.63Add to Cart
6001391001-BFRAME ASSEMBLY 1001-B$84.30Add to Cart
12105101001-BHANDLE BRACKET W/CLIP (1001-B)$6.02Add to Cart
19109111001-B"7.225"" ID X .265"" GARDEN SEEDER SQ. BELT"$6.27Add to Cart
12131121001-BPULLEY (1001-B)$3.86Add to Cart
31148131001-B"#10 X 1"" TYPE A PHPS BLACK"$0.20Add to Cart
32103141001-B1/4-20 NYLON INS LOCKNUT ZINC$0.20Add to Cart
43024151001-BHUB WASHER (1001-B)$0.27Add to Cart
70104161001-B#6 SINGLE JACK CHAIN 12 LINK ZINC 1001-B$4.88Add to Cart
12101171001-BREAR WHEEL (1001-B)$15.50Add to Cart
31102181001-B"5/16-18 X 4 1/4"" HHCS ZINC "$0.92Add to Cart
31101191001-B"1/4-20 X 3/4"" HHMS ZINC"$0.40Add to Cart
31100201001-B1/4-20 X 1 1/2 HHMS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
37101211001-B"1/4-20 X 1 1/2"" CARRIAGE BLT Z"$0.40Add to Cart
32102221001-B5/16-18 HX NUT ZINC$0.20Add to Cart
12132231001-BBEARING (1001-B)(7300"S)$0.96Add to Cart
19110241001-BSEEDER GRIP (1001-B) BLACK PVC$4.09Add to Cart
23500251001-BAXLE (1001-B)$3.86Add to Cart
12102261001-BFRONT WHEEL 1001-B$23.25Add to Cart
48300271001-BGROUND OPENER (1001-B)$7.75Add to Cart
48301281001-BSEED CHUTE (1001-B)$11.25Add to Cart
60017301001-BHOPPER ASSEMBLY 1001-B$27.11Add to Cart
32100311001-B1/4-20 HEX NUT ZINC$0.20Add to Cart
12106321001-BROW MARKER EXTENSION COUPLING$4.28Add to Cart
22610331001-BROW MARKER SHAFT EXTENSION (12 IN)$14.11Add to Cart