1950P Homeowner Broadcast Spreader


1950P Homeowner Broadcast Spreader

The 1950P is the pneumatic wheeled version of the 1950 small area homeowner model. Fully assembled, the 1950P goes from the box to the yard in seconds, and unlike other small spreaders, 1950 utilizes the EV-N-SPRED® 3-hole drop to ensure even spreading of all materials.  With it's 8"/20cm deep lug pneumatic wheels, the 1950P rolls easily over all terrain and is great for winter ice melt use.  With it's 40lb/18kg rust-proof poly hopper, the 1950P really will perform at your home.


This model is no longer produced but could be found at some dealers.

The product is no longer produced, but parts and tech support will continue to be available.

Part Identifier

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7700701950PHEAVY DUTY RAIN COVER$27.00Add to Cart
3710811950P1/4-20 X 1 3/4 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
6051721950PCONTROL ASSEMBLY$24.12Add to Cart
6002731950PWING NUT ASSEMBLY (BLACK)$0.57Add to Cart
3112441950P#10 X 5/8 TYPE A PHPS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
1220151950PDUST COVER - HEX$1.01Add to Cart
6034661950PUPPER HANDLE W/GRIP$15.17Add to Cart
3710671950P1/4-20 X 2 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.77Add to Cart
3114181950P#14 X 3/4 TYPE AB HWHS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
1227591950PAGITATOR SHAFT$4.03Add to Cart
12251101950PHOPPER BUSHING$0.96Add to Cart
13134111950PHOPPER ASSEMBLY$20.96Add to Cart
12260121950PLEG CLIP$0.96Add to Cart
43045131950PWIRE LEG$4.41Add to Cart
12320141950PLOWER HOUSING CLIP$0.96Add to Cart
12221151950PSHUT OFF PLATE$5.82Add to Cart
70142161950PNUT PROTECTOR$0.23Add to Cart
12255171950PIMPELLER$8.72Add to Cart
25215181950PLOWER HANDLE$5.73Add to Cart
60257191950PGEAR BOX ASSEMBLY$11.61Add to Cart
23517201950PAXLE$5.59Add to Cart
12197211950PSPACER BEARING$0.96Add to Cart
70148221950P8 PNEUMATIC WHEEL$36.80Add to Cart
12276231950PAXLE PLUG$2.89Add to Cart
32100241950P1/4-20 HEX NUT ZINC$0.20Add to Cart
31138251950P#8 X 3/8 PMT#8 HD COARSE (BLACK)$0.40Add to Cart
33117261950PAGITATOR$4.46Add to Cart
31148271950P#10 X 1 TYPE A PHPS (BLACK)$0.20Add to Cart
32106281950P10-24 WING NUT ZINC$0.39Add to Cart
12222291950PINDICATOR-BROADCAST$1.20Add to Cart
60425991950PReplacement Control Cable Assembly 24.5$6.00Add to Cart