2000AP Homeowner Broadcast Spreader


2000AP Homeowner Broadcast Spreader

The 2000AP is the workhorse for the small lawn. Fully assembled, the 2000AP goes from the box to the yard in seconds. With features found on much more expensive spreader like an all steel tubular frame, high-speed gearbox, and the EV-N-SPRED® 3-hole drop to ensure even spreading of all materials, this small spread has the feel of a Professional spreader.  With it's 8"/20cm deep lug pneumatic wheels, and it's 40lb/18kg rust-proof poly hopper, the 2000AP is a true performer.

This model is no longer produced but could be found at some dealers.

The product is no longer produced, but parts and tech support will continue to be available.

Part Identifier

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7700002000APHEAVY DUTY RAIN COVER$25.90Add to Cart
6019612000APUPPER HANDLE ASSEMBLY W/GRIP$29.08Add to Cart
3113822000AP#8 X 3/8 PMT#8 HD COARSE (BLACK)$0.40Add to Cart
6051832000APCONTROL ASSEMBLY$24.12Add to Cart
3710842000AP1/4-20 X 1 3/4 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
3311752000APAGITATOR$4.46Add to Cart
6002762000APWING NUT ASSEMBLY (BLACK)$0.57Add to Cart
7014272000APNUT PROTECTOR$0.23Add to Cart
3710682000AP1/4-20 X 2 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.77Add to Cart
6023592000APHOPPER ASSEMBLY$29.08Add to Cart
12275102000APAGITATOR SHAFT$4.03Add to Cart
12318112000APLOWER HOUSING CLIP$0.88Add to Cart
31124122000AP#10 X 5/8 TYPE A PHPS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
12221132000APSHUT OFF PLATE$5.82Add to Cart
25208142000APLOWER HANDLE$7.69Add to Cart
12128152000APLEFT FRAME BRACE$3.86Add to Cart
31106162000AP1/4-20 X 2 1/4 HHCS ZINC$0.38Add to Cart
12129172000APRIGHT FRAME BRACE$3.86Add to Cart
25107182000APFRAME$23.05Add to Cart
32100192000AP1/4-20 HEX NUT ZINC$0.20Add to Cart
31108202000AP#10 X 1 1/4 TYPE A FHPS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
12255212000APIMPELLER$8.72Add to Cart
60257222000APGEAR BOX ASSEMBLY$11.61Add to Cart
23517232000APAXLE$5.59Add to Cart
12197242000APSPACER BEARING$0.96Add to Cart
70148252000AP8 PNEUMATIC WHEEL$36.80Add to Cart
12276262000APAXLE PLUG$2.89Add to Cart
12201272000APDUST COVER - HEX$1.01Add to Cart
12251282000APHOPPER BUSHING$0.96Add to Cart
31148292000AP#10 X 1 TYPE A PHPS (BLACK)$0.20Add to Cart
32106302000AP10-24 WING NUT ZINC$0.39Add to Cart
12222312000APINDICATOR-BROADCAST$1.20Add to Cart
60427992000APReplacement Control Cable Assembly 26.5$6.36Add to Cart