2100P Estate Broadcast Spreader


2100P Estate Broadcast Spreader

You can buy online directly from Earthway. 2100P Estate Spreader

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The 2100P provides the homeowner with a spreader that has a commercial feel. The extended height“T” handle gives the taller operator some extra clearance. The rust-proof 50lb/23kg capacity hopper and 10” pneumatic tires bring capacity and smooth operation to the homeowner. The EarthWayExclusive EV-N-SPRED®  3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System and heavy-duty gearbox ensure an even application of all granular materials with professional results. With the rate control located high on the handle, the operator has fingertip control on the application rate. A Rate Calculation Matrix is included to assist is setting for all of today’s granular products including organic materials The 2100P has a rugged build and will provide years of use for today’s large lawn owner.

This model is no longer produced but could be found at some dealers.

The product is no longer produced, but parts and tech support will continue to be available.

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4000202100PROUND SCREEN$7.75Add to Cart
7700102100PHEAVY DUTY RAIN COVER$27.00Add to Cart
6033212100PHOPPER ASSEMBLY$58.32Add to Cart
3311722100PAGITATOR$4.46Add to Cart
1222032100PGEAR BOX BUSHING$1.80Add to Cart
1231742100PSHUT OFF PLATE$9.68Add to Cart
2510052100PFRAME$21.39Add to Cart
3210362100P1/4-20 NYLON INSERT LOCKNUT$0.20Add to Cart
3110572100P#12 X 1 1/4 TYPE A FHPS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
1210982100PIMPELLER (9 DIA)$13.57Add to Cart
3610592100P1/8 X 1 1/4 COTTER PIN S.S.$0.58Add to Cart
60190102100PGEAR BOX ASSEMBLY$28.28Add to Cart
33107112100P1/8 X 1 3/4 COTTER PIN S.S.$0.61Add to Cart
12150122100PAXLE BUSHING$1.93Add to Cart
12148132100PAXLE BEARING$1.93Add to Cart
70106142100P10 PNEUMATIC WHEEL$54.91Add to Cart
31124152100P#10 X 5/8 TYPE A PHPS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
34103162100P1 OD. X 17/32 ID. X 1/32 WASHER ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
33106172100P1/8 X 3/4 COTTER PIN ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
60520182100PCONTROL ASSEMBLY$24.12Add to Cart
37108192100P1/4-20 X 1 3/4 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
12318202100PLOWER HOUSING CLIP$0.88Add to Cart
32100212100P1/4-20 HEX NUT ZINC$0.20Add to Cart
31121222100P1/4-20 X 1 1/4 HHCS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
31120232100P1/4-20 X 2 HHCS ZINC$0.39Add to Cart
60038242100PDRAW BAR& BRACE ASSEMBLY$39.64Add to Cart
31100252100P1/4-20 X 1 1/2 HHMS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
60036262100PUPPER HANDLE ASSEMBLY$23.62Add to Cart
26001272100PAXLE$7.45Add to Cart
31138282100P#8 X 3/8 PMT#8 HD COARSE (BLACK)$0.40Add to Cart
11927292100PSHUTOFF SUPPORT- LARGE$0.90Add to Cart
36208302100P#6 X 3/8 TYPE 25 PHPS S.S.$0.38Add to Cart
12222312100PINDICATOR-BROADCAST$1.20Add to Cart
32106322100P10-24 WING NUT ZINC$0.39Add to Cart
60452992100PReplacement Control Cable Assembly 28.125$6.76Add to Cart