7300SU Deluxe Drop Spreader


7300SU Deluxe Drop Spreader

If you have a smaller yard, drop spreaders are the best choice for maintaining these areas. Drop spreaders dispense the material straight down from the hopper. The 7300SU is the top of the line when it comes to Residential Drop Spreaders. The 75lb/34kg capacity rustproof poly hopper provides 22” of spread coverage with a single pass. Fully assembled with a folding handle, the 7300SU is ready to go from box to lawn in seconds, and stores easily when not in use. The easy use gauge& lever assembly is designed to allow the user complete control over the application rate of the material. Included is a Rate Calculation Matrix to assist you in setting your spreader for all of today’s granular products including organic materials. The 10” deep-lug poly wheels will decrease slippage and provide a balanced drop pattern. The 7300SU is thePremier Residential Drop Spreader manufactured today.

This model is no longer produced but could be found at some dealers.

The product is no longer produced, but parts and tech support will continue to be available.

Part Identifier

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6027317300SUAGITATOR AXLE ASSEMBLY$12.78Add to Cart
1312427300SUHOPPER ASSEMBLY$50.60Add to Cart
3114137300SU#14 X 3/4 TYPE AB HWHS ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
2540447300SUUPPER HANDLE$15.12Add to Cart
3710157300SU1/4-20 X 1 1/2 CARRIAGE BOLT$0.40Add to Cart
3113367300SU#8 X 3/4 PHPS TYPE A (BLACK)$0.40Add to Cart
1231977300SUUPPER HOUSING CLIP$0.96Add to Cart
6017887300SUGAUGE& HOUSING ASSEMBLY$8.72Add to Cart
1214097300SUFRICTION WASHER (GAUGES)$0.96Add to Cart
44259107300SULEVER$1.12Add to Cart
32103117300SU1/4-20 NYLON INSERT LOCKNUT$0.20Add to Cart
60237127300SUWIRE& HOUSING ASSEMBLY$2.89Add to Cart
37106137300SU1/4-20 X 2 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.77Add to Cart
60027147300SUWING NUT ASSEMBLY (BLACK)$0.57Add to Cart
25113157300SUFRAME$19.36Add to Cart
12242167300SUAXLE PLUG$0.96Add to Cart
12107177300SU10 WHEEL$17.43Add to Cart
12132187300SUBEARING$0.96Add to Cart
12176197300SUSHUT OFF$19.36Add to Cart
32108207300SU10-24 HEX NUT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
12261217300SUEND CAP HOPPER$5.28Add to Cart
37103227300SU#10-24 X 3/4 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
37100237300SU1/4-20 X 1 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
12147247300SUSPACER (PIVOT LINK)$0.96Add to Cart
12265257300SUEND CAP SHUT OFF$5.28Add to Cart
70142267300SUNUT PROTECTOR$0.23Add to Cart
19114277300SU.125 X .75 X 2 GRIP (BLACK)$0.96Add to Cart
37109287300SU1/4-20 X 1 1/4 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC$0.40Add to Cart
31133297300SU#8 X 3/4 PHPS TYPE A (BLACK)$0.40Add to Cart
60178997300SUReplacement Control Cable Assembly 32.82$8.72Add to Cart