F130T Commercial Flex-Select Tow Spreader



TheNew F130Tis our new 130lb/59kg capacity tow FLEX-SELECT™ series broadcast spreader.  Built on a heavy-duty chassis, the F130T is ideal for all broadcast spreading jobs and fits lawn and garden size tractors, and includes the patent pending SideSpred-Control® shut-off system for the ultimate in deflector-less spreading.

  • 130#/59kg Hopper capacity
  • Standard EV-N-SPRED® FLEX-SELECT™ SideSpred-Control Shut-off system
  • New“Floating” Super-duty gearbox for long life
  • Tee-handle lever& gauge rate control with adjustable solid linkage
  • 250#/113kg load bearing capacity
  • 13”/33cm diameter stud tires on rust-proof poly rims
  • Debris screen
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty with lifetime tech support
  • Optional High-Output or Low-Output Trays
  • Optional 3-Sided Salt Deflector (#60166R)
  • Optional Rain Cover (F77130)

Coming Soon ...