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EarthWay 77016 Bag Calibrator fits all Commercial/Professional Spreaders 

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The EarthWay® Bag Calibrator is a device developed to make rotary spreader calibration easy, practical and accurate. It is a materials collection bag with an easily removable chute allowing the material to be easily poured from the calibrator. The EarthWay® Bag Calibrator prevents granules from escaping and falling to the ground during the calibration process. No tools are required to attach or remove the EarthWay® Bag calibrator.

Before the EarthWay® Bag Calibrator, calibrating spreaders meant spreading fertilizer, pre-emergent and/or pesticides in a test area such as a parking lot, sweeping it up and weighing. Debris such as sand and pebbles could be picked up while many of the target granules are left behind.  University studies have measured up to 29% error using this method.

Alternately, material could be weighed and placed into the hopper and after the test pass removed for re-weighing. Again, time consuming, leaves material behind, and full of potential for error.

When calibrating your spreader and material using the EarthWay® Bag Calibrator, commercial applicators have seen improvements to the level of lawn service with more accurate applications, less call backs, cost saving in material and labor, and overall happier customers.

EarthWay 77016 Bag Calibrator fits all Commerical/Estate Broadcast Spreaders 

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